Monday, February 17, 2020

Then.... And now.......😉 😕 😊

For some time, I have had no Blog Background, just white...   Everywhere...  Except for the printed words, and posted pics/illustrations.   This all-white-blog-look seduced me, some time ago.    And I have stuck with it.
But recently, actually when I started a Valentine Day theme here, I at first, put my Background Color to pale Pink.   Then I found a (lovely to me) looking Background, which I installed, on the outside edges.   And which I still have, at this writing.
Changing my "Blog Look" and my Blog Headers, is great fun for me.  At this time, it's my artistic expression.   I don't knit or do any crafts.   Long ago I painted in oils, and with pastels, but have not wanted to do it, in ages.  Playing with my Blog, has been enough.
Back "at the beginning of time,"  Blogging Time, everyone used Backgrounds!    There were and still are, Net places to download blog Backgrounds.  A lot of these, were a bit *too much*, for me.   And I began to make my own...
Find a picture, often of a fabric or home wallpaper, in a pattern I liked, and make it, my Background.  (It's not that hard, but too much, for me to go into here.)   
Another blogging thing, "way back when," was lots of moving Gifs, which glittered, and wiggled, and moved.   Awful, to me!!!!   Soooo very distracting.  But very popular, on Sidebars.   Eeeeek!!!!    Does anyone remember that blogging phase?????????   Repeat...  Eeeeeek!   I hope it never returns!!!!
Then, the (to me) *With It* blogs 😉, went all white.   No backgrounds at all.   Nothing to distract from the printed words and photos/illustrations.  I loved it!!!  And have had this style, since.    But one gets tired of a 'look,' after a while.    So, for now, I am back to a pretty, but 'simple,' Background.  
And also, there are blogging Backgrounds, which Blogger provides.  I personally, don't care for them.   Once installed, they seem to remain *forever.*   😕  But again, that's just me!    Every blogger is completely free, to make their blog, look exactly, as they wish. 
Do you remember when *every one* had a downloaded, fancy Background?   Do you remember  (Eeeeeeek!!!!)  those flashing, moving, glittering Gifs?????  Come on, someone must!  😊  I know I have been in Net Social Media *forever*!  Well, since the 90's.   Starting with a 'Group' dedicated to a popular tv series.   Then on to 'Mailing Lists'.   From there to other 'Groups'.   And to 'Blogging'.  
Please, what do you remember was your first Net Social Media experience?
And what is your preference, in "Blog Looks"?


Lady Locust said...

Your background is beautiful. I remember when all white became a thing. I prefer character :-) But like you, I still can't handle things popping up or moving on the screen - way to distracting. Remember when there was one email address for everyone in the house? (Kinda like a land line phone)

Mandy- Read. Write. Mom! said...

Yes! I can remember the busy background phase of blogging. I started out on Blogger and had some terribly busy ones myself! Ha! And I also thought the moving gifs were just amazing at that time! My, how things change! I do love this beautiful background on your blog. The colors are soft and gorgeous!

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I don’t like too busy backgrounds. I know one blogger who uses a font that I find very difficult to read. Though I love what she writes, I don’t read it often because it strains my eyes.

I wasn’t into social media in the 90’s. I didn’t even know there was a thing called blogging back then. 😳

Do you still have paintings?

Teresa Kasner said...

I found this post thought provoking! I like your pretty background. I had them in my beginning blogs, 10 years ago! But then I decided it was distracting for me so I went all white. But I like diversity so I enjoy yours a lot.

I got involved with social media right after I bought my first computer - a Mac SE, little box. I was given a floppy disk with eWorld on it and plugged it in and clicked on it and the rest was history. I might just do a blog post on how it's all evolved for me. You might find it quite interesting!! :-)

I think I'm going to add your blog to my blog list! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

local alien said...

I really nont interested in the design of my blog. It's what I write that I care about.
I notice yours changes often and is always very pretty.
You are artistic so that is your passion.
I started off with Yahoo groups way back, can't remember when. Then I wrote a blog/letter only for the eyes of family and friends. I have also written an online diary, on Penzu for many years. Off and on, just when I feel the need to express myself a little more. I tried facebook but hated it. Too much 'in your face' nasty news and all sorts of odd people from my past popped up who didn't really want contact, but just to spy out what I was doing and where. I deleted that a few years ago.
There's a lot of social media out there and everyone has the choice to choose what is right for them.
I do like blogging

Jules said...

Your blog looks lovely, although I don't always get to appreciate full blog layouts, often reading from my phone.
A pretty background can enhance a blog but I prefer to keep mine simple. I don't have time to keep switching it around and I'm sure I'd tire of a particular design after a while. X

Jo said...

Such a pretty background. I do enjoy seeing other people's blogs looking nice but it's not something I pay any attention to with my own blog, mainly because I hate messing around with technology, thinking that something will go wrong or I'll break something if I do, but also through lack of time. I'd rather spend the time reading and enjoying other blogs.

sustainablemum said...

That is a lovely background, I find some a little distracting but not that one. I honestly cannot remember when I first used social media, for most of the 90s I was working in jobs that were based outside so technology played little part in my life. I guess I wasn't a particularly early adopter!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful background. Technology is not something that I am good at so I keep everything as simple as possible.

Patti said...

I think your blog is beautiful. This is my first visit here, and I like it...though I don't know how it was before. I've been blogging since 2006, so I've been around for the "blinkie" sidebar phase. I have a white blog, but I have just figured out how to make my own header, so I am having fun changing it quite often.

The one thing I don't care for in blog looks is the main page, with only a few lines of the current post, then you have to click away to read the rest. I would rather stay on one page and read several posts at once, not clicking back and forth.

Patti @ Writing to Remember

karen said...

I do remember and what a fun trip down memory lane. I change my blog background seasonally (I think). Or whenever I am motivated. Your background is lovely.

Faith said...

Pretty background wispy, soft muted colors.