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Thursday, November 14, 2019

WARNING.... A "Grump" coming.......😠

There is a very popular blog, where everything is "Perfect."  Life style, home, husband, clothes, friends, village, even the cat.  She is a wonderful cook and baker, and has lovely gatherings.  At times, she and her husband go cross country on a train, to visit relatives and friends on the other coast.   They also take luxury ocean going ships, to Europe, to visit the U.K., which she loves.
When at home, she illustrates and writes books, calendars, all sorts of things...  Her staff has her illustrations put on mugs, and on many, many items.    All of which, she sells, from her blog/on line store.
And all of this is done, in an engaging way.   Making all her loyal Followers feel, as if they are all 'girl friends.'   And she 'takes them' on all her travels, via her blog and other social media.
Did I follow along?  Did I once buy a book of hers?  And her calendars?  Did I revel in all the "Pretty" which she drew and showed and wrote about?  Yes!
And then.....   She "threw a curve ball at me..."  ...   She did the same thing, which so many celebrities do....    She injected her Political Views, into her Social Media.  -sigh-  And it spoiled everything.
Silly me, but I don't want her Politics, along with her "Pretty".  Any more than I want to be told, by other Celebrities, how to Think.    I prefer Actors to act.   The Famous to just be famous.   Bloggers of "Pretty", to just blog "pretty".
Plus, then, I began to wonder, about all that 'Perfect'....   
And did seeing it, contribute to my own life?
Or did it kind of make me less satisfied with my own life?   Did I tend to want to compare my life, with her life?   Especially her perfect-for-an-older-woman-clothes!!!!   Long skirts!   Which I adore.   But can not afford to get perfectly fitting ones.   Didn't that, make me want to grumble, and not feel allll girl-friend-ly? 
THAT is entirely my fault!!!!  I am in charge of how I feel.  But why keep Following and Reading, in places, which can make me, feel less than satisfied with the really good life, I have??? 
And, which pump their Politics at me❗  
End of "Grump"


Lady Locust said...

There have been some otherwise beautiful sites/blogs that I have quit following for the very same reason. If I am on a quilting blog, I am there for quilting not politics (whether I share the same view or not.) Same thing if I'm on a gardening site, historical tools site, etc.

Sarah D. said...

Oh I know of whom you speak, absolutely ghastly. No one can be that perfect without heaps of staff and money. They all succumb to stating opinions. Sarah D.

Jo said...

There's so many blogs out there that you can pick and choose which ones you want to read and which you don't. I've followed many over the years which I've then dropped when I felt the connection wasn't there any longer. I think what we want out of something can change over time and that's no different with blogs.

Faith said...

I don't understand WHY people do this, OR why THEY think so much of themselves to interject THEIR opinions. As it was once said...SHUT UP and.....sing,act,play basketball,make pretty blogs,cook, what ever it is that they do. I know where to find politics if/when I want to endure it. These people are shooting them selves in the foot. They have far more importance of themselves.

Eloise said...

I have a self imposed ban on politics on my blog. The nearest I've got is to talk about my food stockpile in case of a no-deal Brexit. Its true that some 'perfect' lives can make us a little restless. I wrote a post a year or two ago about the media's insistence that we make Christmas perfect....decorate the perfect tree, cook the perfect turkey, lay the perfect table. It's all designed to make us feel inadequate. I shall continue to live in imperfection!

Hootin' Anni said...

Nope, nope, nope. That would make me bow out quick. In my opinion as you brought up actors...they live & work in a fantasy land. 'Nough said.

And besides living in an all white atmosphere? That's not me either. I'd be afraid to breathe in that room you share in photo.

sustainablemum said...

i too only read blogs where I feel connection to the person and their writing. If there is a loss of that connection for whatever reason I will stop reading. We can present whatever we want of ourselves when we are blogging, only sharing the bits we want too and hiding the bits we don't want to. Anyone whose life looks 'perfect' on a blog isn't for me.

Arkansas Patti said...

Perfect would only make me feel imperfect. I like people with flaws I can relate to. The beauty of blogging is that we have control over what we read. I just click that little box at the top and move on.

RO said...

I'm okay with people sharing their political beliefs, or whatever else, as long as there is no mean-spirited behavior or negativity directed towards someone. I consider meanness to be another form of abuse, and that's will stop me from visiting usually. Hugs, RO

Granny Sue said...

I'm guilty of occasionally posting my politics, because that's part of who I am. I know all my readers don't agree with me, and that's okay. Some bloggers have a lot of their religious beliefs on their blogs, and that's okay too--it's who they are. As long as the blogger doesn't shove it down my throat or expect me to agree with them, all is good :) As for perfection, I doubt I'll ever attain it in this lifetime. Cheers, my friend! You have a perfect right to choose who you follow.

ellen said...

She actually equated Trumps win to 9 11. It was disgusting how arrogant she was and how rudely she treated her girlfriends who disagreed with her. I can not see the pretty any more.

Patricia & Fouad said...

Hello, I'm Pat from southern California and I haven't read your blog for awhile but I found you again via Margaret's blog. Wow, I know exactly who you're speaking of and just read her blog post. I feel the same way you do about this person. If, and I say if, there is a change next year in the presidency, this person we speak of, who supposedly has some money from all her adventures, will be surprised how much more the government will be taking from her under you know who's new tax plan. It's about the taxes guys, not the feel good stuff! I admire your strength to write this. A year ago I felt the same way with Ravelry when they became very political. It upset me very much since it was my happy place. I've not gotten over it and choose to ignore politics on Ravelry. Wishing you the best.

Christine Hancock said...

I once followed a similar blog and it wasn't her politics talk that put me off her but her snobbery.. Hope my sponsor puppy is being trained to be a Guide Dog for a blind person. I am just one person of many who contribute financially to the cost of her training. I follow her on FB and love the up dates on her progress.

Mama Pea said...

I suppose it goes back to the same old saying that we can't control others, but can only control ourselves. Blogs are personal and what appeals to one person, doesn't appeal to another. I write what I want on my blog (as others do), but it certainly may not be everyone else's cup of tea. Of course, I feel just as you do when an enjoyed blogger changes the tone of their writing. I've dropped more than one I used to read and enjoy because of that. I may be sad but that's my option to take.

The bloggers who present a "perfect" life are interesting for me to read as I'm always curious about other people's lives, thoughts, ways of living. Maybe I even learn some things! But I do manage to keep in mind (most of the time!) that one can't believe everything one reads! I often say to my husband (with tongue in cheek), "You would be amazed at what I could do if I had Martha's staff of thousands. And her money." ;o}

ellen clairmont said...

I felt the same way after President Trump won the election and she suffered derangement! She actually equated the win to 9 11! SB was so offensive and arrogant to those "girlfriends" who disagreed with her. The spell was broke. I no longer can see the pretty. Where we go one, we go all!

Goatldi said...

Nothing is perfect. As soon as there are two people involved with different perspectives of perfect it is only perfectly perfect for some. It is a good thing we all don’t want the same thing as it would get really crowded. Perhaps too what was presented wasn’t real. Either way it seems to be more like flaunting than shared inspiration.

Pam said...

Grump! Grumpy Grump!!! haha..i however agree, I don't do religion or politics on my FB or my blog! I say I don't but every so often politics get under my skin and I make a comment from time to time on FB. Last time I did it I had a friend go CRAZY on me about our president and how i feel about him. He was taking it personally and was giving me what for...I laughed at him and proceeded to tell him he was acting like he was defending his dad. I told him that I respect his right to feel about and like whom he likes but in return he needs to respect my rights to feel the way I do. I will now rephrase my earlier statement...I try to not say anything!!!! However, I also have the choice to follow someone who blogs about it. I choose to not follow so I can see where you got upset. If I wanted to follow a blog about it I would hope to find a blog that focuses on just that. I don't want a somewhat PERFECT BLOG to start on that stuff. Now....go for it, grump away.

karen said...

I keep my blog politic free - on purpose. I have strong views but so does everyone else! I tend to follow people who knit or craft mostly.

Darla M Sands said...

I appreciate a blogger who isolates her political discourse on a page separate from the fun one I follow. :) Sorry you got sucked into this. Be well!

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I don’t really mind people sharing their political opinions as long as they are not mean and insulting to their readers.