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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Thinking... Musing.... Whatever....

What ever happened to Hygge???  Remember when it was all over?   Articles, books, blogs, etc., etc., etc.    And now, nowhere...   That I have noticed, anyway.  
Thinking back, it sounded great.   People sitting around a source of warmth, eating something delicious, drinking likewise, warm throws/blankets around, for wrapping in, candles, soft lighting,  etc.    Annnnnnnnnd...    Those people were taking to each other!!!   No sitting staring at a tv.   No being in each one's own little "techy bubble".   With earphones in, and clicking this or that device.    
Having conversation.  Talking with each other. 
Did this, "kill" Hygge???  -grin-


Lady Locust said...

It is rather sad. There was a young man whistling yesterday as he was walking. I said, "You're a good whistler. Can you sing too?" (Most folks who can whistle well also sing well.) He kept walking not responding. I then realized he was looking at his phone & had earplugs in. He missed his compliment. :-( There is so much value in real communication.

Faith said...

I missed it it, whatever Hygge is. There is value in old fashioned communication..I try to keep telling my boys...over and over and over and over.. Maybe someday it will dawn on what I was trying to thel them. It will become something"new" again for another generation, you and I won't be here when that happens. There is nothing new under the sun.

Dianna said...

I read a few books on hygge last year. I agree, we need more of it! What is better than curling up on the couch with a warm blanket, cocoa, and a good book while it storms outside?

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I've read several books on this topic. The slow pace of life really appeals to me.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, I do fear "our generation" (and maybe one after) was the last to know what real conversation is.

I count my blessings though. I have a good friend and we meet face-to-face once a week if we can to just sit across from each other and talk. No smart phone or any other technological device in sight.

I have devoured those "hygge" books and also one called "Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life." They give off warm fuzzies so much needed today.

mamasmercantile said...

I am blessed where I live as once you leave your home everyone you pass knows each other and speaks to each other. But on my travels to the mainland last month it was back to silence, such a shame that there is no longer a real sense of community.

Sandra said...

My son and DIL lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for almost 4 years. They lived a completely different life-style than people do here in the states. They walked everywhere, or rode bikes. Maybe take a bus or train occasionally. My DIL always had candle light...friends met up with each other every day over coffee or tea and a nibble of food to eat. Mother's walked their children to school along side each other. It was a whole different experience for them. They loved it.

Pam said...

Well that word threw me, was not totally sure what that was. Thanks for explaining. I love to sit and talk and normally that is with friends over a meal. I do the NO phone things when hanging with friends! If it rings which hopfully I would have remembered to put of silence, I do not answer....UNLESS it is my son from Calif and I usually tell him I am at dinner and will call later. I will pull it out to show a pic or something but not for texting or talking. These cell phones have already started to distroy this world! Any way ...my son in Calif., unlike his FBing queen of a mom does not do social media. The most he does is play a few folks on line in games. I on the other fb and blog. I have done tweeting and instantgraming but not often. I have however proclaimed that I am the FB Queen! haha.....it is what it is. A lot of that comes to play with that fact that it is a great way for me to stay in touch with others, since my social life went to pot a few yrs ago. Yes, I still do and go and socialize but not like i used to!!! I was the Social Butterfly.....and I went into being a dried up moth!

Rosie said...

Hygge always sounds so lovely doesn't it? I wonder what will follow, I hope it is just as comfortable. I love your new header with the pumpkins on the steps of the house:)

Jo said...

These fads come and go. I've always enjoyed hygge, it just wasn't given a name before.