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Thursday, January 10, 2019

More...More...More..... 😊

I've continued to "Tidy"!!!  And it is making me so happy!!!   😊   It's making both of us happy!  Much Stuff in front room, has been sorted.    Out-Charity-Upstairs-Etc....   And next door grandson had not gone back to college yet, so he took things upstairs for us.  
We don't use the big front room, and never have.   A big front room...  A silly relic, from building 50 years ago.   But things *gather* there.   -sigh-    So we banished the gathered stuff...!!!!!   😊 
🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠
Had to run upstairs and take a picture of the building next door...!  Before they got the cellar covered, with the under boards.  Today, the sub floor is going on.


Jo said...

I always feel good when I've had a good sort out and things have been put away where they belong or gifted/sold/dumped. Wow, they've certainly got on with the building, I wonder what happened to all that water.

Mama Pea said...

Good for you and your continued "tidying!" Even in the most organized of households (don't look at me), things tend to accumulate and need to be gone through and tidied up periodically. I can start with my pantry . . . and then on to bigger (although maybe not as concentrated) areas!

Jayne Hill said...

I did a similar thing today too :-)

Amazing how fast they are putting up that new building.

Miss Sandra said...

Hi there!! Happy New Year!
Ahhh...the subject of tidying hits close to home, especially now that I'm settling in little by little in my new (old) cottage. So much still to do..boxes to unpack and furniture to be purchased. If there is anything I learned from moving out of Harmonie House, after 21 years, is that I shall endeavor to never accumulate stuff ever again. What a nightmare those few months were. I'm still recovering. Sadly though, most of the "stuff" got trashed ( books, music, photos, mementos, and so many more things that made up my life from youth till now). I did manage to donate plenty of things, but when the hours to closing neared, the rush crept in and things had to go. Thankfully the new owners kept many things I left behind. It was a sad time. But now...onward to new beginnings and happy days.
I hope you've been doing well. I also hope all turns out well with the new build next door and you end up with nice neighbors. Take care..till soon!

mamasmercantile said...

Wonder what happened to the water next door?
We are almost done in our little cottage with a big sort out and clean, normality can resume.

Elaine said...

You must stop these posts - you are infecting my mind!!! I found myself sorting all the bedding, towels and assorted linens today. "Great, job done." I thought. But no, I found myself sorting out the dressing room, too... Please, take pity on me. Suggest a nice quiet read, or a midday snooze, a trip to the cinema, anything but work. (Teasing)

Stefanie said...

You are on the facetrack roll of tidying!