Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Today, I am Proud....

I don't usually do this kind of a post, here.

But please, may I digress from my usual blogging...

To say...

That today I am proud of being able to say,

that my President

has brought about the denuclearization of N. Korea.

And I think the rest of the citizens of my country,

and the whole free world, owes him thanks.

Instead of moaning about things, 

yet to be accomplished.


Mama Pea said...

You have a wonderful attitude and we ALL should be grateful for the positivity in our lives rather than the negativity. Plain old appreciation of the good we all have available to us goes a long way, in so many ways.

Terra said...

I am proud too and hope it works well. Many people around the world including me were and are praying for success in the quest.

RO said...

It's always so wonderful to focus on the positive whenever possible, and minimize the negative. HUGE Hugs...and thanks! RO

Rain said...

Good for The Donald. It hasn't been accomplished until he came along. I'm glad you're focusing on that! :)

PS: Tarte Tatin?

Rain said...

GALLETTE!!! :) Yes, that's it! I have yet to make one!