Sunday, June 24, 2018


I really try, not to be grumpy, here on my blog.   
After all, there is plenty of grumpiness in the world.
And most of us, hope to find a respite from it,
in blogging.
But then again, it is our blog.   And sometimes,
we just need to say something, to  "get
it off our chest" as the old saying goes.
Since the pictures here, are of gorgeous libraries,  
you can guess, that this is about books.   
And it is.  :-)
I thought IG's, which deal with love of reading,
would be a good place to find suggestions.
These young women read voraciously, so there are
always new suggestions.
But!  It seems, that the books they read, have
an agenda.  -sigh-  Sprinkled in the plot, are
"instructions", on how to be "Politically Correct".

How to know, who is to be scorned, as "bad".

And who is to be looked on, as "good."

Really????   I am an adult.  I know how to use
my mind.   I know how to seek out, what is really
"good," and what is really "bad."

I do not need the "Politically Correct Police", to 
make such decisions, for me!  Thank you very much!
Give me an exciting, or quiet plot.   Fill it with 
interesting characters.  And let me make up my 
mind, about how I view their actions.  I do not want
an author, to lecture me. 

So I'm back to great series, which have been
running for awhile.  Ones you don't want to 
put down.   Because they are great writing. 
Not lecturing.

End of grump.  :-)

Has anyone else, found what I speak of, here?
The craze, to include "Political Correctness"
(even) in books???


Stefanie said...

How fun it would be to have such a library, especially one multi-leveled and with a spiral staircase.

Ian Hutson said...

Yes, England is thick with the "pc" nonsense, and folk are sick of it. I fear a blunt backlash in which even the good that has come about in the past few decades will be blasted away with this silliness. The "politically" "correct" agenda - which is anything but correct - is likely to result in a return to the social Stone Age. Real progress had been made, now it will be lost in a snow-storm of personal pronouns and imagined offences.

local alien said...

What brilliant libraries. Where are they, I want to go there Now!
The books I read are mainly old ones, travel or detective stories. Nothing pc about any of them .

RO said...

I love those pics of the library. I can't remember seeing anything in a book that mentions that, but I read a lot of spy thrillers that have all kinds of conspiracies and such. (lol) Hugs...RO

goodnightgram said...

Hey! how fdid you get photos of my home library??? Just kidding. I can dream, right? I don't waste too much time deciding if I want to keep reading a book. At my age, I don't want to waste too much time... waiting to be captivated for whatever reason.

Margie from Toronto said...

I want the books that I read to tell a good story and/or to inform me. I may not agree with an author's point of view but I should have the right to determine that for myself. I also think that books should be published on merit (although I do concede that perhaps a more diverse group should judge said merit) rather than the need to meet a quota.
As for books written long ago - I concede that some topics, some attitudes, and some words may make me cringe these days but I hope that I can read these books and then place them within their historical context judge them on their literary merit and then be happy that today's authors are more aware that words can harm and insult as well as enlighten and instruct. I fear another round of censorship rather than allowing people to discuss and to reach consensus and understanding.

wisps of words said...

Margie from Toronto
I eagerly clicked on your name link, to find your blog. And sighhhhhhhh... You don't have one.

I would love to discuss things with you, if only you did.

Totally agree with reading of old books. Put them into the context, of the time written. But my reference, is to new books.

Rather fresh-off-the-press. Which are eager to instruct readers, in what they (readers) should consider "right" and "wrong." And done in a rather heavy-handed way, as well. I can spot the *Instructions,* a-mile-off, as it were.

Yes, to kindness and decorum. No, to viewing every-little-thing, as a *microaggression.*

I am a Mother In Law, and I am "a woman of a certain age." If I were to faint, over every M-i-L joke... Or at every depiction of older people, as bumbling and etc..... I'd really need a *Safe Space,* in which to recover.

But I've been around, for some time now. And I know, that not all people act with kindness and decorum. That's life. Best to learn it, early. And learn to deal with it. Get on with one's own life. Stop whining about every little thing.

Another bit, of my view.