Monday, May 14, 2018

"Gentle fairies, hush your singing..."

Disclaimer: These are not my photos.

'Gentle fairies, hush your singing:
Can you hear my white bells ringing?
Ringing from so far away?
Who can tell what they say?

 Little snowy bells out-springing
From the stem and softly ringing..
Tell they of a country where
Everything is good and fair?

Lovely, lovely things for L!
Lilac, lavender as well;
And, more sweet than rhyming tells,
Lily of the Valley's bells.'

By Cicely Mary Barker.



Stefanie said...

This post made me smile because the girls and I loved watching all of the Tinkerbell movies.

Rosie said...

How beautiful! Unfortunately slugs and snails have done for my Lilly of the Valley this year so it was great to see yours:)

Mama Pea said...

Now you've got me going crazy trying to think of the song about Lilys of the Valley we sang in junior high school choir. I think the last line was . . . "Lilys of the valley deck my garden walk." And somewhere in there was the line . . . "Oh, can you hear them sing . . " (Weak mind at work here.)

RO said...

The pictures are so soothing, and i totally love the lavender and lilac mentions too. Hugs...RO

Rain said...

That was really sweet to read Wisps of Words! :) Thanks for sharing the photos, what a bright cherry post! :)

Marion said...

I love fairies!!!! A beautiful post! Thanks for your kind comments at my blog. Yes, I keep comment mod on due to past anonymous trolls harassing me & my current marital situation. I try to stay out of politics and stick to poetry & my flower photos, but anyone who knows me knows that I'm 100% Conservative & not afraid to say it. Thanks for stopping by!! xo

Stefanie said...

Wow, a book coming all the way from the UK? A book to read or like a craft book or something? I get pissy when there is no efficiency in something that has to be done on someone else's end, LOL.

Jo said...

Oh, I love the Flower Fairies. I love lily of the valley too, such pretty little flowers which look so delicate. It's a wonderful time of year, the garden has so much to offer.

Simone said...

Thank you for commenting on my Sybil's plot blog. My Lily of the Valley has almost come to an end now. I love the sweet words here and the blog header too! :)