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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Something old... Snow! Something new...Accomplishments :-)

Onward, through Winter Storm Skylar.  -sigh-  We are not getting the Nor'easter, which others are getting though.  
Last week, I gave up my quest, for long hair.   :-))))))   My hair is gray, thin, not naturally curly...   But me~being~me, I still had to try to grow it.  -grinnnnnnn- 
See, I have been spending way too much time, looking at pictures of mature women, who can "pull off" long gray hair.

Of course, these women are pencil thin, and model size.  Which I am not!!!  But again, me~being~me, I had to try growing it. 
Don't these women look lovely????

But I finally 'came to my senses.'  :-)   Still have my bangs/fringe.  But in back, it is short and shaped.  And the sides are shorter, but not scalped~short.

Something like the old Louise Brooks (vintage actress) short hair style.  But mine is not as thick as hers of course!  But this, is much easier to take care of.
This book is inspiring me again!!!!!!!  I got rid of 3 bags full of "stuff," from upstairs.  My husband tackled a big job of straightening out a couple of downstairs cabinets.  Both these things, have been on our minds for years.  We are finally doing something about them!!!!!  And it feels wonderful...!!!! 

Have you tackled anything lately?  Something personal, like my decision to not try to grow my hair any more?  Or some other project, which has been "hanging over your head" for a while?  Would you share?
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Elaine said...

I know exactly what you mean about the hair and I bet you look gorgeous with your new style.
I grew mine for two years, it looked fabulous in a long inverted bob...my husband, everyone really liked it. The trouble was that I didn't. Four weeks ago I had it cut off, back to where I feel happiest (a bit shorter than yours) and I feel so much better about it. Even my husband admits that it was the right decision. All the longer hair did (apart from looking like beautiful hair) was to pull down my face, darken the shadows and the wrinkles, made me feel 101 years old, nothing like those stylish and very beautiful women.

Yesterday I tackled a big cupboard, scrubbed it out, lined the shelves with fablon and culled all the things which I no longer want or need. I've been putting it off for so long - why? It took just over an hour and now I am happy about that too. Lovely post.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

It took me over a year to grow my hair out gray. I had long brown hair as a younger person. I cut it off when I turned forty, and I vowed to never suffer the weight and work of long hair again. I won’t.

I’m also working on clearing out. It’s a long process.

Mama Pea said...

I don't think the decision to grow your hair long was all bad. I mean it was something that was on your mind and you thought you wanted to do. So you did it . . . and came to the decision it wasn't what you wanted. Even at our age (hugs!) it's important to keep trying new things, to not get stuck in a rut. Don't cha think?

My project-that-will-make-me-better is that I've been tackling going through old files and getting rid of what has been around for ages and has no relevance anymore. Why hang on to it? Makes no sense. Some of it even brings on old, negative feelings. Out, out, out!! Feels good, but I still have a ways to go. So . . . onward!

Stefanie said...

I tried to grow out my hair; it just hung as I have fine hair like you. That bob is cute. I had that once. I cut mine off to reset it as it was all kinds of lengths. Now I'm growing my pixie because I like that shagginess on my head with long bangs.

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words (waving back!) :)

Well, you know what I've tackled the last few weeks and IT'S DONE. I can get back to my life again!

Another triumph I've had lately is budget-wise. I finally came to terms with a few things and made a plan of action. So far I've been really good at sticking with my plan and it's making me stronger each day.

As for your hair...easy is better in my book. I'm not ready to go gray yet, but the only reason my hair is getting long is that I'm too cheap to pay for a haircut lol...we bought some good scissors on Amazon and Alex is going to be my hairdresser from now on. I'll be his too. We figure it'll be a learning curve and we may have crooked cuts for a while, but we love to wear our hats!!! :)

Christine said...

I struggle with my thin frizz! I am trying a new shampoo to slow the hair loss but not sure if it's working yet!!

CIELO said...

All those ladies with gray hair look amazing... I too will have gray hair one day, but I'm not sure I want to keep mine long by then. It is such a hassle! I bet yours looks awesome short!


Zaa said...

I’ve always had long hair... it’s light so I’don’t have to worry about the gray yet...It’s always good to try new thing that might add to how you feel about our ever changing appearances... Don’t worry ...Be happy ...YOU are enough !!!!

I’ve been trying to declutter , but it hard much like changing your appearance ... but, I did manage to clear out some old kitchen pots and utensils so that’s a plus... The main thing is to keep SMILING....Hugs

Stefanie said...

You are so sassy. Your comment made me LOL. I liked A Wrinkle in Time; I'm currently #81 of 9 copies for the newest audiobook. I don't mind waiting. The book was a bit weird for me and I guess that's because I don't read a lot of science fiction although I grew up on Star Trek some and saw its classic movies.